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You've invited me to share my story and relationship to water. It's the first thing I seek when I wake up, and the last thing I need before I go to sleep. I use it all day, every day, and since I'm on a well (with limited supply), I think about it perhaps, more than most of America. Water is our most precious resource and I'm concerned that our groundwater supply is being taken out from under us. I do have water rights on my small parcel of land, but as I understand it, most Americans are losing or have lost the rights to the water beneath their own land. This is wrong, in my opinion, and I would directly blame politicians for misrepresenting the people, giving favor to corporations that have given them money, power, or resources. I try to steer clear of political interest in any way, except when my freedom, when my most precious values and resources, are infringed upon.

My relationship to water is exceptionally important, and I appreciate that you have helped me realize this. I hope that you can help those that lead us and represent us in a fair way. More importantly and perhaps more realistically, I've seen 3rd world countries that are in dire need of clean, fresh water. In Delhi, for example, I've seen first-hand that clean water access is provided to the privileged, but not to the poor. The water infrastructure is lacking for most, but perhaps you can help?

Jesse H.